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Forum Update

Hello All, Forums were going through an update and I borked them.  Be back on-line soon(ish) TM?   LOL  sorry all.

Tichondrius falls before the power of I N F I N I T Y

Continuing our progress, another boss in Nightfall met his doom.  Our refinements to the attack plan worked out and the big ugly fell.  We were this . close to felling Star Augur.  But we we are right there!!!  Way to go team. A big welcome and shout out to our newest member Levo.  He stuck […]

High Botanist Tel’arn Dead!!!

  This Tuesday Night progression raid saw our Horde players kill High Botanist.  There is nothing quite like just finding your way and getting it dead (3rd attempt).  Really proud of the group for being responsible for what was going on around them.  No videos pre-watched, just getting it figured out. Special shout out to […]

Horde Up!!

For the second week, INFINITY hit up Nighthold.  Spellblade, which previously kicked our tails, got her ass kicked.  We refined our strat and it ended with a win.  With the rest of the night festivities, we ended 5/10.  We are getting there.  BTW, no more loot for Raytheon!!!  🙂 Welcome Tay and Dushu to our […]

Nighthold meets Unconquered… aka I N I F I N I T Y

For a normal raid night we decided to check out Nighthold.  We were warned it would be harder than anything we had done previously.  But the team was up to task.  No video’s watched, just adjusting based on what we saw.  3 out of 10 complete.  Way to go team!! Will post the video of […]

Horde and Alliance Progression World of Warcraft

There hasn’t been an update on Unconquered in quite some time. So today I thought I would update that. Horde Unconquered on Horde (I N F I N I T Y) is doing fantastic. We achieved a couple of weeks ago, the achievement “Ahead of the Curve” by defeating Heroic Emerald Nightmare. It was a […]

The Here, Now and Future of Unconquered

Unconquered still exists. We tend to be quiet and got away from forums and things. But we are still here. More importantly we, and I in particular, are looking to be better custodians of the Unconquered history and future. The forums are no longer focused on a single game, but has opportunities for all games […]

Welcome back to the old, new, old new home of Unconquered

I am very happy to have the gang back together and working toward MMO progression! GO GO UC!

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