High Botanist Tel’arn Dead!!!


This Tuesday Night progression raid saw our Horde players kill High Botanist.  There is nothing quite like just finding your way and getting it dead (3rd attempt).  Really proud of the group for being responsible for what was going on around them.  No videos pre-watched, just getting it figured out.

Special shout out to Tetsuo who is checking out some other pastures in his pursuit of everything Mythic.  We wish him nothing but the best.  He still plays with us in Overwatch etc.   He will be back.  They always come back 🙂  Best of luck Dom!

Last but not least looking forward to getting Nighthold complete.  Monday (our new raid day) we are looking to finish Tichondrius, then move on to Star Augur Etraeus, Grand Magistrix Elisande and finally Gul’dan.  Great progress team!

PS: Got it recorded but didn’t get a screen shot!

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