Horde and Alliance Progression World of Warcraft

There hasn’t been an update on Unconquered in quite some time. So today I thought I would update that.

Unconquered on Horde (I N F I N I T Y) is doing fantastic. We achieved a couple of weeks ago, the achievement “Ahead of the Curve” by defeating Heroic Emerald Nightmare. It was a fantastic night that also had us clear out Normal Trials of Valor. We have been working on Heroic and soon that too will fall.

We had our first raid on alliance (as Unconquered) and we were able to clear out Normal Emerald Nightmare. With a little bit of work and those that haven’t seen it before working the dance stronger and stronger, we will get it cleared out as well.

Was a great first raid and I certainly have been enjoying the ride. Rock on with your bad selves!!!!


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